Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: My fireplace isn't working and the weather is cold. Can I schedule an appointment for today or tomorrow?

It is definitely best to schedule fireplace repair, maintenance, and installation work before you will be needing to use your fireplace! We encourage all customers, new and returning, to contact us in the "off-season," when the weather is warming up and during the hot summer months. At these times we can assist you within a week if not days. 

Approaching the winter season we do our best to accommodate all clients in a timely manner, but it is common for the schedule to fill up for weeks out once it is cold outside. Mention this website while scheduling an appointment with us in the off-season, and we will be happy to reward your foresight with a discount!

FAQ: I scheduled an appointment but have not had a follow-up to confirm. What should I do?

Once you have scheduled an appointment with us we consider it confirmed; we do not usually provide a follow-up. Please feel free to call or text us at 530-492-0492 to confirm your appointment if you feel unsure. We are always happy to hear from you!

FAQ: I need to clean my chimney. Can you help me?

We recommend calling a chimney sweeping service to complete this work. We do not recommend hiring a chimney sweeping service to conduct the fireplace repair, maintenance, and installation work that we specialize in.

FAQ: There's a fireplace store in my town. Why should I contact you instead of them?

We support and work closely with all of our brick-and-mortor industry peers throughout the region. Contact us and we can advise you on which local store would be the best fit for your project based on our knowledge of their inventory and capacities. We are proud that our technical services come very highly recommended by your local fireplace vendors and dealers. Contact us first and get a head start working with the individuals who will actually, eventually, be in your home!

FAQ: I bought a new fireplace and need you to install it. Can you help?

We would love to install a new fireplace for your home or business! However, it is best to choose a new unit taking into account a professional recommendation. We conduct a pre-site check and discuss your needs and your budget in order to recommend a fireplace that is a wise investment. We maintain professional standards and thus reserve the right to decline requests to install subpar or substandard units. 

FAQ: I am handy and just need some direction to fix my own fireplace. Do you provide this service? 

We are always happy to field calls and questions from clients having difficulty with their fireplaces. However, our number one priority is fireplace safety, and a part of that is a finished product that is up-to-code. This is something we are only able to guarantee when we complete the work on your fireplace ourselves, in person. We therefore cannot be held liable for any work that a client completes on their own, even if they believe they are "following our advice" given over the phone or via text. In short, we can only stand behind our work, not yours. 

FAQ: How much is it to schedule a service call?

Service calls vary in price depending on the nature of your particular project. Factors that might affect the cost include the travel distance from our base of operations, the amount and type of equipment that is required to complete the work, and scheduling exceptions. 

FAQ: Is the cost of parts included in the cost of the service call?

No, any parts you require are charged separately and are usually ordered by us on your behalf directly from the vendor. 

FAQ: Will I be billed for a service call even if my problem cannot be solved during that call?

Yes, payment for service calls is expected at the time of service, even if your problem cannot be resolved or further appointments are required for your project. As professionals we do our utmost to charge fairly, and we strive to resolve all problems related to your fireplace issues without scheduling unnecessary further appointments. 

FAQ: I am a renter. Must I submit payment upon service?

Yes, payment is expected upon service even if you are not the homeowner. In fact, it is expected that during a service call there will be a qualified adult available at the premises who can describe the complaint, field questions, and be responsible to submit payment. 

FAQ: What kinds of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and checks made out to Gold Country Stoves. We also accept Zelle, ApplePay, Paypal, and Venmo. Finally, we can send you an invoice if you prefer to pay by credit card; simply let us know!